Wherever possible, decision making should be informed by the best and most recent scientific information. Notwithstanding the importance of 'other legitimate factors', science-based decisions usually provide the best long term outcomes.

ScienceConsult offers over twenty years of experience in health-related science and its management, both in food/beverage and biomedicine. Key areas of expertise are general management and worldwide representation of an international scientific institute, stakeholder interactions, food/beverage regulatory affairs, food safety, nutrition, sustainability, product development, marketing support, business development, second opinions and strategy development. ScienceConsult has access to a large scientific network in the food and beverage industry, government and academia.

More information about ScienceConsult's services can be obtained from nvb[at]scienceconsult[dot]eu.

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ScienceConsult BV is a wholly owned subsidiary of Science4Health Holding BV

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